Cool Twister

  • The perfect aid for preparing bottles - simple, safe and fast
  • Cools freshly boiled water for the baby bottle down from 100 degrees to drinking temperature in just 80 seconds
  • Safe and reliable: By hitting the right temperature, all the important probiotic nutrients in the milk are preserved
  • Also perfect for on the go - works without electricity
  • Patented and TÜV-tested


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Product features

Preserves probiotic nutrients

It is essential for your baby's development that it receives all the important nutrients from the powdered milk food. The Cool Twister reliably cools freshly boiled water to the recommended temperature for food preparation. This is the only way to ensure that all probiotic nutrients are retained and that your baby is doing well.

Ready to drink in just 80 seconds

When your baby is hangry, it has to go fast. With the Cool Twister, you can prepare a bottle in just 80 seconds.

Perfect preparation temperature

If the water is too hot when stirring in the milk formula, important probiotic nutrients are destroyed. If it is too cold, lumps will form because the food will not dissolve properly. Experts recommend always using freshly boiled water for bottle preparation, especially for newborns, and then cooling it down. Powdered milk should usually be stirred in at 40°C. The bottle will then have the perfect drinking temperature of approx. 37°C. The Cool Twister also allows you to cool water to 70, 60 or 50°C, for example for the preparation of porridge. All you have to do is adjust the amount of cold water in the Cool Twister's heat sink.

Suitable for all baby bottles

No matter which bottle you use, the Cool Twister fits all baby bottles.

Top ratings

In a product test with 100 miBaby users, the Cool Twister received a recommendation rate of 100% (2). On Amazon, over 1,000 customer reviews - including over 700 five-star ratings - speak for the excellent quality. Let yourself be convinced by the Cool Twister and become part of the nip family.

Safe and reliable - brand quality from nip®

During production, special emphasis is placed on the selection of safe, food-safe, bisphenol A-free materials. The Cool Twister is patented, microbiologically tested and regularly TÜV tested to ensure a consistently high brand quality "Made in Germany".

Why is it so important to hit the right temperature?

Baby food manufacturers explicitly point out the recommended temperature for mixing their baby food to ensure that the food dissolves without lumps while preserving the vitamins and nutrients contained in the food. This temperature can vary and is usually between 40°C and 70°C.

Why has the water been cooled down too much?

Did you fill the measuring cup up to the mark with boiling water? The measuring cup must always be completely filled so that the water is cooled to the required temperature. If you don't fill the measuring cup properly, the water will cool down more than you need. If you don't need some of the cooled water, please pour this out of the bottle once it is cooled before you mix in the milk.

The water is suddenly too cold when it runs out of the spiral or it runs more slowly than before through the Cool Twister. Why does that happen?

Have you filled the measuring cup with boiling water up to the all-round ribbed mark? The measuring cup must always be completely filled so that the water is cooled to the desired temperature. If you do not fill the measuring cup completely, the water cools down more than desired. If you do not need some of the cooled water, please pour it out of the bottle after it has cooled down before you mix the milk formula. Another possibility is that lime scale particles from the kettle hinder the flow of boiling water through the spiral. In this case we recommend decalcifying the Cool Twister and blowing vigorously into the lower opening of the Cool Twister. This will loosen stuck lime scale particles.

How can I use the Cool Twister on the go?

The Cool Twister can be used on the go without having been stored in the fridge before by pouring cold water from the tap (e.g. in a restaurant or at a friend's house).

Is it possible to cool tea with the Cool Twister?

Yes, it is also suitable for quick cooling tea. Prepare tea according to the instructions on the package. At the end of the specified brewing time, pour half of the tea into the measuring cup. If necessary, add milk or sugar to the rest of tea in the teacup. Screw the Cool Twister onto the measure cup and the hot tea will run through the Cool Twister into your teacup - done. The Cool Twister should not then longer be used for cooling bottle water as otherwise tea residues could get into the baby food.

How can I extend the service life of the product, e.g. if the tap water where I live is very hard?

If the tap water in your area is very hard, we recommend that you use still mineral water for the cooling water instead. This will cause less damage to the product when it stays for a long time in the Cool Twister.

Quick guide

Before using the Cool Twister for the first time:
Open the round sealing screw (there is a screwdriver on the underside of the base) and fill the Cool Twister with the desired amount of water. Use cold tap water for this purpose. The sealing screw must then be replaced and tightened. Before first use and between uses, the Cool Twister should be stored in the refrigerator for at least two hours to cool down (5 - 10 °C). Pull the heat-insulating silicone ring over the cup of the Cool Twister for a secure grip.



Freshly boil tap water and pour it into the Cool Twister's shatterproof cup up to the base of the fluted rim (= 210 mL). It is important that you always fill the cup with 210 mL of boiling water (to the base of the fluted circumferential rim), regardless of how much your child drinks. This is necessary to allow the Cool Twister to function at the correct temperature.

Remove lid and base from Cool Twister, rotate body 180° and screw onto cup until it stops.

Turn the screwed unit of cup and Cool Twister again by 180° and place it on the neck of the baby bottle. The hot water then runs automatically through the cooling spiral inside the Cool Twister and is cooled down - according to the simple principle of heat exchange.

The desired target temperature of 40, 50, 60 or 70 °C can be set easily and precisely by filling the Cool Twister with different amounts of water. Between meals, store the Cool Twister in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours so that the water can cool down again.

You will find detailed instructions for use, as well as information on care and cleaning, in the instructions for use.

Answers to common questions can be found in our Cool Twister FAQs.


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