Baby bottles & drinking cups

Bottle "Trendy"

  • Orthodontic, anatomically shaped teat made of soft silicone with anti-colic vent
  • Modern, reduced design
  • Extra-thick perfect-fit sealing ring for an optimal, drip-free fit on the bottle neck
  • Available in 125ml and 250 ml


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Product features

anatomical teat

The teat of the "Trendy" bottle is anatomical shaped and leaves enough space for the tongue. The orthodontic shape adapts perfectly to the child's palate.

Teat sizes

The anatomical silicone teat is available in sizes 1 and 2, which in turn are available in different teat hole sizes S, M and L


... is a very durable, transparent plastic. The material is insensitive to light and heat, hygienic and easy to clean. It is slightly less resistant to traction and biting than latex

FAQs for bottles

Can expressed breast milk be frozen in the nip® plastic bottles?


Yes, you can freeze expressed breast milk in plastic bottles without any problems - the material used in the nip® baby bottles is suitable for this. However, the milk should be thawed SLOWLY. Suitable methods for this: thawing under warm running water or at room temperature. However, thawing in the microwave or in a boiling water bath is unsuitable, as the rapid heating can cause stress cracks in the bottle and damage the probiotic nutrients in the milk. 


Can I put my child's nip® baby bottles in the dishwasher without hesitation?

Our nip® baby bottles are made of high-quality glass or polypropylene (PP) and can generally be washed in a dishwasher. However, due to possible detergent residues and greater stress on the material, this is not advisable. We recommend washing baby bottles made of glass or PP by hand, boiling them or cleaning them in a vaporizer. Teats and other drinking attachments should generally not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Our "Trendy" bottle

With anatomical silicone teat convinces with a modern and discreet motif world with pastel shades and dots.


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