nip® baby bottles and drinking cups: as versatile as your child

Step by step – from being fed to drinking on their own – nip® has the right bottle for every stage of life. Tailored to the individual needs in all growth phases, our drinking bottle concept supports your child’s healthy and natural development right from the very beginning. Check out our extensive range of baby bottles and training cups now!


Our flexible learning to drink system

From the first baby bottle with anti-colic teat to the leak-proof kids cup – our nip® learning to drink system assists your child as they move towards drinking on their own. Together with the clever nip® accessories, it makes the time you spend with your child even more pleasant.


Baby bottles
Training bottles

Easy drinking right from the start: nip® baby bottles

Whether they’re made from BPA-free plastic (according to the law) or glass – our baby bottles are suitable for both just bottle feeding and for combining with breastfeeding, as the anatomical, orthodontic latex or silicone teats imitate the shape of a mother’s breast with their wide lip rest. This ensures an extremely natural drinking sensation. The anti-colic vent  also ensures a steady drinking flow. Our baby bottles are available in different sizes and with many appealing characters.

The perfect transition to drinking on their own: with nip® training bottles

After about six months, most parents switch from breastfeeding or feeding with a bottle to a training bottle. For your child, this is the first step towards drinking on their own. The ergonomic non-slip handles make it easy for your child to hold the cup and slowly learn the actual drinking process of putting it to their mouth, tipping it and putting it down. To prevent “accidents” during their first attempts, our spill-free cups also seal the teat so that it cannot drip. All our training bottles and cups are made of the high-quality and unbreakable plastic polypropylene (PP), and are therefore absolutely BPA free (according to the law).

Finally drinking independently: nip® cups

At around one year old, your child becomes more and more independent. With drinking too. The perfect aid in these early days after the bottle are the cups from nip®. Whether it’s the Kids Cup, First Cup or Straw Cup – all our cups are made from the high-quality plastic polypropylene (PP). This not only makes them light but unbreakable too. They also have various orthodontic drinking attachments that are totally drip and leak-proof.