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Cherry Green Bottle

  • drinking teat made from soft nature-latex similar to the mother's breast - ideal in combination with breastfeeding
  • cap, screw ring and sealing disk made of sustainable plastic certified natural origin*
  • durable glass bottle
  • packaging made from climate neutral paper with FSC certification and >90% recycled content
  • Available in 120 mL and 240 mL fill volumes
  • 0% BPA (according to law)


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Product features

round teat from nature-latex

The famous Cherry® teat is now available in a bottle!

The wide lip rest of the teat feels similar to a mother's breast and thus ensures a natural and relaxed drinking sensation. The integrated anti-colic vent prevents air from being swallowed and prevents colic.

ISCC PLUS certified

Cap, screw ring and lid made from plastic linked to renewable raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS.

round teat made from soft nature-latex

The especially soft round teat is made of natural latex

durable, robust bottle

The Cherry Green bottle is made of high quality and durable glass

our packaging

Packaging from responsible forestry, produced in a climate-neutral way and with >90% recycled content

teat hole sizes

The nature-latex teat is available in teat hole sizes S (slow flow) and M (medium flow).

bottle sizes

The glass bottle is available with 120 mL und 240 mL fill volumes

How long can nip® teats be used or how often should they be replaced?

For both hygiene and safety reasons, you should replace the teat after one to two months of use. However, as a precaution, inspect it before each use, especially if your child already has teeth. If you notice any signs of damage, such as bite marks or other defects, please throw it away immediately and replace it if necessary.

Can I put my child's nip® baby bottles in the dishwasher without hesitation?

Our nip® baby bottles made of high-quality glass or polypropylene (PP) can generally be cleaned in a dishwasher. However, due to possible detergent residues and greater stress on the material, this is not advisable. We recommend washing baby bottles made of glass or PP by hand, boiling them or cleaning them in a vaporizer. Teats and other drinking attachments should generally not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Do nip® bottles contain plasticizers?

No, all nip® products contain no plasticizers and are BPA free.

Which teat size is the right one?

Cherry Green teats are available in a universal size, based on the mother's breast. A distinction is then made in the sizes of the teat holes. These are available in size S - for a slow drinking flow and in size M for a medium drinking flow. The teats are marked "S" and "M" respectively.

How are the teats cleaned?

The teats should be rinsed by hand and then boiled or cleaned in the vaporizer. Teats should never be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Of course Made in Germany

The Cherry® teat made of soft natural latex is available in sizes S and M to match the bottle and can be purchased in a pack of 2.



Made of sustainable plastic and durable glass


Packed with paper with more than 90% recycled material


Soft, breastfeeding-friendly round teat made of natural rubber latex

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