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first moments wide neck bottle

  • for the perfect start: our first moments wide-neck bottle with matching silicone teat
  • round shape of the teat and the extra wide lip restare based on the mother's breast 
  • particularly natural drinking sensation
  • the extra wide opening makes our wide-neck bottle not only easy to fill and clean, but also stackable, saving valuable space
  • compatible with the All-in-One system: pump, freeze, prepare and feed in just one bottle
  • thanks to the screw cap you can easily and practically transport or freeze breast milk or baby food


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Product features
Product information

Extra wide lip rest

For a natural drinking feeling when feeding, the first moments bottle has an extra-wide lip rest.

Natural drinking feeling

The round, natural shape copies that of the mother‘s breast and create a natural, special breastfeeding friendly drinking sensation. This ensures a high acceptance of your baby and minimizes sucking confusion.

Anti-colic vent

The teat of the first moments wide-neck bottle is equipped with an efficient anti-colic vent

Stackable and easy to clean

Parents know that practical products are helpful and sometimes it has to go fast. Due to the extra wide opening, the first moments wide neck bottle is not only extremely easy to fill and clean, but can also be stacked, thus saving valuable space.

Extra-wide opening

...for easy filling and cleaning


...saves valuable space in the kitchen cabinet

Universal teat size

... the right teat from the start

Freezer safe

... thanks to the All-in-One system, breast milk can be frozen directly in the container

Leakproof and shakeproof

... perfect for on the road

Filling volumes

The first moments wide-neck bottle is available in 150 mL and 270 mL fill volumes

teat sizes

S - The smallest teat hole size for a slow flow of liquid. Suitable for breast milk, pre-nutrition, tea and water.

M - A medium teat hole size for a moderate flow of liquid. Suitable for powdered milk formula.

L - The largest teat hole size for a fast flow of liquid. Suitable for thick liquid nutrition.

Extra soft silicone

The first moments teat is made of high-quality, especially soft silicone. For a gentle and relaxed drinking experience

FAQs about first moments bottles

What material is the bottle made of?

The bottle is made of PP (polypropylene) and the wide-mouth teat is made of soft silicone. The bottle is completely BPA free (according to law).


How often should the bottle teat be replaced?

Since the bottle teat is made of silicone, it should be replaced approximately every 4 to 8 weeks. The teat should be checked carefully before each feeding, as it can develop small cracks due to cleaning and wear.


Do the bottle and teats come in different sizes?

Yes, the bottles are available in 150mL and 270mL. The wide-mouth teat is available in the teat hole sizes S (smallest teat hole for water, tea and pre-feeding), M (medium teat hole for milk and powdered milk food) and L (largest teat hole for thick food and fine porridge). The teat as such does not grow with the baby and therefore fits on every first moments bottle.


Can I switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

Yes, the round shape of the teat and the extra wide lip support are based on the mother's breast and thus ensure a particularly natural and mother-like drinking sensation.


Is the first moments bottle suitable for the dishwasher?

Yes, the bottle itself is suitable for the dishwasher. The silicone teat, however, should be cleaned by hand and then sterilized.


Is the bottle compatible with the hand pump?

Yes, you can easily screw the first moments hand breast pump onto the bottle thanks to our all-in-one system and pump the milk directly into the bottle.

Our All-in-One System

As part of the All-in-One System, the wide-neck bottle is perfectly compatible with our hand breast pump. By attaching the teat, the container becomes a wide-neck bottle for feeding milk in no time. Thanks to the labeling field on the included lid, you can note the contents and date for storage and have a milk container at the same time.

Perfection from passion

For the exciting and loving time after birth, we have developed a range that makes the start into the new life easier for you and your baby and at the same time provides well-being and joy.

Already in its 4th generation and for 90 years, nip has been supporting babies and parents with understanding and experience. Our unique first moments range has been specially developed to support you in the first moments together. For a carefree start. From the very beginning.

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