From families for families: 90 years of experience and expertise “Made in Germany”

Happy families and contented babies – that’s our goal. For this we put our heart and soul into developing and manufacturing safe, functional products that meet the highest quality standards, the strictest norms and all the legal requirements. We have earned the trust of our customers over the last 90 years. A trust that we repay by developing baby products that provide the very best support for babies and toddlers and make everyday life easier for parents.

To this end, we work closely together with doctors and midwives, incorporate the latest findings from medicine and technology and draw on our decades of experience. But the careful selection of raw materials, efficient manufacturing processes and cooperation with regional suppliers for short transport routes also distinguish our work. The result is innovative baby products that provide parents all over the world with the best possible support for their new  “having a child” adventure.

Dear Moms and Dads!

As parents ourselves, we know the needs of young families only too well. We want to make your lives a little bit easier and safer. For us, ‘Made in Germany’ is not just an advertising slogan but a responsibility towards our customers that we live by.

 We are not an anonymous large corporation. Since 1932 and now in our 4th generation, we have been working with our 190 employees to make sure that you can buy products of the highest quality.



Years of experience
Export countries

We are celebrating a 90-year success story


90th company anniversary

Nürnberg Gummi celebrates its 90th anniversary in the 4th generation, making it Germany’s oldest manufacturer of baby teats.


New product range

Nürnberg Gummi expands its assortment with the first moments range. From bottles to nipple shields – the products combine everything that new parents need most in the first few weeks with their baby.


Entire focus on sustainability

2019 Nürnberg Gummi makes great strides in terms of sustainability: Not only is the commitment to renewable energies being expanded, but the Green Line is also being launched. The series marks nip®’s entry into the manufacture of products made from sustainable materials, such as the “Cherry Green” soother.


More space for production

In 2015, the new production hall with a floor area of 3,300 sqm is completed.


Support for management

Hannes Vogl joins the management board and takes over management of the technical area.


Facebook premiere for its 80th birthday

In addition to its 80th birthday, Nürnberg Gummi celebrates its Facebook premiere. By entering the world of social media, the company aims to seek direct dialog with its customers through the social platform.

[Translate to English:] Markenrelaunch im neuen Look & Feel

Brand launch

In 2010, it’s time for a new brand image. The classic green-blue-pink is replaced by a modern color scheme in warm magenta and orange tones. The look stands for uniformity and now provides a clear image at the point of sale.

[Translate to English:] Carla Brunner

The 4th generation takes over

Carla Brunner, née Vogl and daughter of Knut and Regina Vogl, joins the traditional company. Nürnberg Gummi is therefore already being continued by the 4th generation.

[Translate to English:] Innovation Award für Cool Twister

Innovation Award for the Cool Twister

In 2006, the bestseller Cool Twister receives the Innovation Award at the Kind & Jugend trade fair in Cologne. To reflect the great innovative spirit and high level of commitment of the infant and baby outfitting industry, the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards recognize particularly outstanding product developments on the first day of the Kind & Jugend trade fair. The winners’ seal in the 8 award categories is now regarded as an important quality criterion and sales argument.

[Translate to English:] Bayerns Best 50

Bavaria’s Best 50!

In 2004, Nürnberg Gummi is honored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs with the “Bavaria's Best 50” award for its economic growth.

[Translate to English:] nip Gebäude in Georgensmünd

Move to Georgensgmünd

To create space for the new facilities and additional capacities, the company moves to the newly developed industrial area in Georgensgmünd, approx. 30 km south of Nuremberg.

[Translate to English:] Regina Vogl & Ehemann Knut

Family management change

Regina Vogl, née Hartmann, and her husband are the 3rd generation to take over the helm. Production is modernized and gradually expanded to focus on the core competence of baby teats.


Acquisition of the traditional nip® brand

With the acquisition of the traditional nip® brand from the Kölnische Gummifäden Fabrik, Günter Hartmann lays the foundation for the company's further development.

[Translate to English:] Fertigungsmaschinen durch einen Brand zerstört

Manufacturing machinery destroyed by fire

Fire! A large part of the manufacturing machinery was destroyed by fire. However, the tireless efforts of several volunteer fire departments from the Roth district prevented the building from burning down.


Work permit after the end of the war through the Americans

Nürnberg Gummi is the first business in the Roth district to receive a work permit from the American occupation forces after the end of the war, since the company was not politically compromised.


Hard times during the war years

The company, which had flourished until 1939, continued with a small limited service until the end of the war.

[Translate to English:] Gebäude Rednitzhembach

Move to Rednitzhembach

The company building in Nürnberg-Reichelsdorf quickly becomes too small. In 1937, the company moves to Rednitzhembach, a few kilometers away.



The Nürnberg Gummi E. Hartmann company is born.