Terms of use

nip® defends its own rights and those of the photographers against any kind of infringement and abuse. It is therefore important that you treat the illustrations with the utmost care and adhere to our terms of use. The origin of the nip® images must always be clearly marked. If the name of the photographer is provided, it must also be stated in each case. The further processing or modification of nip® images is not permitted.

Copyright Notice:

Intellectual property is protected by law. nip® and the photographers reserve all copyrights or other intellectual property rights associated with the images.

nip® and the photographers will not tolerate any infringement of their rights or any loss or damage caused by disregarding these rights. In the event of an infringement of intellectual property rights, nip® and/or the photographers will take legal action without prior notice. The same applies to any disregard of these terms of use.