Baby bottles & drinking cups

Wide-neck teat

  • naturally shaped round teat made of soft silicone with ACTIFLEX® system and anti-colic vent
  • ACTIFLEX® system prevents the teat from closing and ensures a smooth flow of the drink
  • relaxed drinking without frequent weaning
  • Wide lip rest for a natural sucking sensation
  • Extra thick perfect-fit sealing ring for an optimal, drip-free fit on the bottle neck
  • One size fits all 0 m+ with teat hole sizes S (tea), M (milk) and L (thick liquids)
  • Suitable for all nip® wide-neck bottles

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Product features

round shape

The wide-neck silicone teat from nip® has a round, breast-like shape. The ACTIFLEX® system prevents the teat from locking and ensures a steady drinking flow, without frequent settling. The wide lip rest also ensures a natural and relaxed drinking sensation.

Teat hole size

The teat is available in three different teat hole sizes. Size S stands for the finest suction hole size for thin-bodied food such as tea, water or breast milk. Suction hole size M stands for the medium suction hole size for milk food and L for the largest suction hole size for viscous food. The teat is suitable for babies from day one and fits on every nip® wide-neck bottle made of PP and glass.

Silicone a very durable, transparent plastic. It is not sensitive to light and heat. Silicone is hygienic and easy to clean but less resistant to pulling and biting than latex.

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