Dental care & teething rings

Teething ring

  • long biting elements reach up to the painful molars
  • looling and non-toxic
  • water-filled elements release the stored cold for a long time
  • different surface structures encourage the sense of play and touch
  • extra light and easy to grip
  • suitable for babies from 3 months

Effect notes
Cleaning instructions

Extra light and easy to grip

Cooling, varied and free of harmful substances! The cooling teething ring from nip is for babies from the 3rd month and offers a varied teething sensation due to its variety of materials with different degrees of hardness. Compared to conventional teething rings, the long teething elements reach up to the molars, where it hurts the child the most. Due to the light and flexible shape, babies can easily grasp the teether with one hand. The textured surface gently massages the child's gums while encouraging the sense of play and touch. Two teething elements of the teether are filled with distilled water. After lying in the refrigerator for a long time, the cooling teething ring has absorbed enough cold to pleasantly cool the baby's gums and sensitive mouth area.

How do I clean the teething ring?

Clean the teething ring just under running lukewarm water. Never expose to extreme heat, as to boiling water, microwave, dishwasher or sterilizer. Cool the teething ring only in the refrigerator, not in the freezer.

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