Baby tableware & cutlery

Eat Green beaker

  • drinking cup made of bio-based plastic with >90% renewable raw materials*.
  • packaging made of at least 90% recycled paper
  • cups are particularly light and easy to hold
  • suitable for dishwasher and microwave
  • stackable inside each other
  • childlike design in soft colors
  • for toddlers from 12 months

*Biobased carbon content according to ASTM D6866

Available colours

Product features

All of our eat green products do not contain melamine

All our eat green products do not contain BPA (according to the law)

All our eat green products do not contain PVC

Does nip green products contain melamine?

No melamine is used in the manufacture of nip green products.

How can nip green products be disposed of?

nip green products are made from materials with a very high proportion of renewable raw materials. The products are not compostable. The material used is 100% recyclable, currently no suitable collection systems exist. Commodities made of plastic as well as bio-based plastic (e.g. pacifiers, dishes, cutlery) can be disposed of via residual waste, packaging via the Green Dot. Please inform yourself about the recycling systems in your region for the best disposal options.

Can food in nip green cups and bowls be heated in the microwave?

Our nip green products are melamine and BPA free, which is another reason why food can be heated in the microwave in the cups and bowls without hesitation.


Do the nip green products have a coating from which components can detach?

The nip green products do not have any coatings. Therefore, no components can detach.


Why are nip green products not made of 100% or only 94% or 90% renewable raw materials?

The main components of the material consist of 100% renewable raw materials. Depending on the nip green product, the materials are based on sugar cane, carbohydrates (sugar, starch) or vegetable oils (no palm oil).

In addition, additives and color granules approved for food contact materials are used. Additives are necessary to achieve their material properties (e.g. fracture behavior, processability) and coloration.

Our information on material composition refers to the minimum content of renewable raw materials after the product has been manufactured.


Are the nip green products fragile?

In terms of breakage behavior, nip green products behave similarly inconspicuously to other plastic tableware made of polypropylene (PP).


Can I boil food learning articles (spoons, cups, bowls, plates)?

We do not recommend boiling the products, as this is not necessary for an educational article and the material of the products is unnecessarily stressed by boiling. We recommend rinsing under warm running water or cleaning in the dishwasher.


Drinking beaker made from bio-based plastics with >90% renewable raw materials* (carbohydrates & vegetable oils (no palm oil))

*Biobased carbon content according to ASTM D6866


Packaging made from > 90% recycled paper

Green Line: baby products with environmental awareness

Whether it's our "Cherry Green" pacifiers or the "Eat Green" baby food range - our Green series makes baby products sustainable. On the one hand, all products are made of plastic, which is produced from over 90% renewable raw materials. On the other hand, they are produced at our company headquarters in Georgensgmünd, Franconia.

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