Frequently asked questions to nip bottles

Can expressed breast milk be frozen in nip plastic bottles?

Yes, you can freeze expressed breast milk in plastic bottles without any problem - the material used in nip baby bottles is suitable for this purpose. However the milk should be defrosted SLOWLY. Suitable defrosting methods: Defrost under warm running water or at room temperature. Do not defrost in the microwave or in boiling water as heating the milk up quickly can cause stress cracks to appear in the bottle.

Can I put my child's nip baby bottles in the dishwasher?

Our high-quality glass or polypropylene (PP) baby bottles should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. The aggressive cleaning agents attack the material and lead to wear and premature ageing. We recommend boiling glass or PP baby bottles or cleaning them in a vaporiser.


Can I use nip teats on bottles made by other manufacturers and vice-versa?

Of course, nip teats and all other components of the nip feeding system are designed to fit on many other bottles and standard accessories from other manufacturers.