Wide neck bottle teat

  • anatomically, orthodontic wide neck teat with ACTIFLEX®-system and anti-colic vent
  • ACTIFLEX®-system prevents the teat from closing up and thus ensuring an even flow
  • Anti-colic vent prevents air from beeing swallowed, and reducing the risk of infants colics
  • evenly drinkable without frequently break off
  • wide lip rest for a natural drinking feeling
  • extra thick perfect-fit flange for optimum non-drip fit on the bottle neck
  • universal size 0 m + with different hole sizes S (slow flow) | M (medim flow) and L (fast flow)
  • suitable with all nip wide neck bottles
  • BPA free

Classic, round or wide neck teat?

  • anatomical, orthodontical shape, standard
  • round, natural shape
  • anatomical, orthodontical shape, wide neck

Latex or silicone


... is a honey-coloured natural product from the milk of rubber trees. Extremely resistant to pulling and biting due to its high elasticity. The teat is antistatic, therefore does not attract dust and fluff


...is a very durable, transparent plastic. It is not sensitive to light and heat. Silicone is hygienic and easy to clean but less resistant to pulling and biting than latex.

What teat hole size


smallest hole for thin liquids such as tea, water or breast milk


medium hole for milk powder food


large hole for thick liquids such as puree or formula