Table training set

Table training set for babies and toddlers

    1 x feeding bowl
    2 x beaker
    2 x plates
    3 x snack boxes
    2 x long feeding spoons
    3 x short feeding spoons

The comprehensive 13-piece nip table training set is ideal for the first feeding of babies and toddlers. The non-slip nip feeding bowl has a high rim and is ideal for feeding first quantities of puree to babies from 6 months. nip drinking beaker, children's plates and snack boxes are great for gardening, picnics and storage. Freeze puree food in portions? Works excellently in the freezer-compatible snack boxes. The nip spoons have a small spoon shape, so they fit ideally into the small baby mouth and protect the sensitive palate. All components are made of solid, unbreakable material, BPA free and suitable for dishwasher or microwave cleaning. The nip table training set can therefore easily withstand rough landings. Beaker, plate and snack box can be stacked into each other, so they can be quickly and easily stored. For the fun factor, special emphasis was placed on small details such as funny emoticons on the spoons and cute animal motifs in bright colors. This brings a good mood and provides variety.