Glow soothers

Glows in the dark

  • glow soother with extra long luminosity
  • orthodontically shaped teat made of silicone
  • orthodontic shape for the healthy development of your baby’s jaw from the start
  • chin protection prevents pressure points and skin irritation above the chin
  • large ventilation holes for optimum protection of sensitive baby skin
  • extra flat knob for comfortable sucking in any position
  • transparency soother desk
  • cute design mix
  • available in size 1-3
  • 0% BPA

Soother concept

  • anatomical, orthodontically shapted teat made from latex or silicone is soft and smooth
  • neck of the tat is thin and bendy and therefore better for tooth growth compared to a hard, thick neck
  • extra-large ventilation holes along the sides of the shield enable baby's sensitive skin to breathe otimally and prevent the risk of skin irritation
  • rounded shield edge is soft and smooth and prevents pressure points
  • soother shield is perfectly adapted to the contours of the mouth
  • unique, patented nip chin protection prevents skin irritation above the chin

The right soother for each age


nip soothers have everything you are looking for in a soother. Not only do they satisfy baby's natural need to such, they also support healthy jaw development right from the start. nip soothers are available in four sizes and are designed to perfectly suit the proportions of the child's jaw and face during every stage of development.

size 0

extra small soother with extra small soother shield for Newborns from 0-2 months

size 1

small and orthodontically shaped teat for babies from 0-6 months

size 2

orthodontically shaped teat for babies from 5-18 months with extra stabilizing shafts

size 3

orthodontically shaped teat for babies from 16-32 months with with extra stabilizing shafts

Latex or Silicone


... is a honey-coloured natural product from the milk of rubber trees. Extremely resistant to pulling and biting due to its high elasticity. The teat is antistatic, therefore does not attract dust and fluff

Silikon a very durable, transparent plastic. It is not sensitive to light and heat. Silicone is hygienic and easy to clean but less resistant to pulling and biting than latex.