Dental soother Miss Denti

The first dental soother that distributes biting pressure

  • anatomical, orthodontic teat made from silicone
  • DentalBalance - even distribution of pressure
  • DentalProtection - Protection of the sensitive jaws
  • DentalProphylaxe - Prevention of teeth and jaw misalignment
  • Teat and soother shield are designed for a perfect fit at every stage of baby's development
  • Chin protection prevents skin irritation above the chin
  • Rounded shield edge prevents pressure points
  • Large ventilation openings enable baby's sensitive skin to breathe perfectly
  • available in sizes 1-3

How it works in details

Miss Denti in comparison

Conventional soother

Conventional soothers feature a narrow shaft that sits between the sensitive milk incisors. When the child sucks on the soother, it is forced to bite down on the shaft, which exerts high pressure on the incisors and the jaw.

Miss Denti

Miss Denti's wide shape relocates or distributes biting pressure in order to take the strain off the sensitive milk incisors and jaw areas and protects them better against misaglinments.

„Basically, every soother is a foreign body in a child's mouth.That's why the period of time a soother is used should be reduced as much as possible. However, a soother is always preferable to sucking a thumb.“

Developed in conjunction with
orthodontist, Dr. Kai Hagemann

Miss Denti grows with the baby

Size 1 - For children without teeth

The wide shaft of Miss Denti distributes biting pressure evenly over a larger surface. Strain on the jaws is no longer focused on specific points, helping prevent misalignment. For babies from first day.

Sucking on a wide teat prevents the upper jaw from becoming narrower and longer.

Size 2 - For children with first teeth

Thanks to its special wings, Miss Denti features a wider shape. This ensures that biting pressure is distributed across several teeth.

The first teeth to come through when the baby is aged between 5 and 13 months are the incisors. Miss Denti size 2 should be introduced as soon as the first tooth appears. This is because the teat on Miss Denti sizes 2 and 3 features stabilising shafts for added bite resistance and safety once children
have their first teeth.

Size 3 - for children with milk molars

The wings on Miss Denti rest on the child's molars and shift the biting pressure from the incisors to these teeth, which are better at absorbing high pressure.

The front milk molars usually make an appearance after babies reach the age of 13 months. As soon as the first molar is visible, you should switch your child over to Miss Denti size 3. The wings relieve the pressure on the sensitive incisors, thereby providing protection against tooth and jaw misalignment.