Bottle Starter Set

For baby´s best start in life

  •     2 x nip wide neck bottle 150ml (PP) with anti-colic vent and Actiflex-System
  •     2 x nip wide neck bottle 260ml (PP) with anti-colic vent and Actiflex-System
  •     nip bottle brush 2in1
  •     nip glow soother size 1 for babies from 0-6 month
  •     nip teethin ring with long biting elements
  •     0% BPA

The nip Starter set consists of useful products for a new mum to use to give her newborn the perfect start. The healthy development of your baby is particularly important. The set consists of four 150 ml and 260 ml nip wide neck bottles with an anti-colic valve and Actiflex system to allow your baby to relax while drinking without swallowing air. The lip rest is extra wide to give your baby a natural drinking sensation. More about the nip wide neck bottle 


The set includes the 2-in-1 nip teat brush, a combined bottle and teat brush so that bottles and teats can be cleaned easily. It is also perfect for daily use in the home.  More about the nip teat brush 


So that your baby has a relaxing night, the set includes the nip Night glow soother in size 1 for babies from 0-6 months that helps them find the soother straightaway in the dark. The nip Night is based on the natural shape of a nipple with an orthodontic shape to suit your baby’s jaw. The pleasantly soft silicone teat is based on a mother's nipple during breastfeeding and is therefore perfectly adapted to a baby's sensitive palate. BPA-free. More about the nip Night soother


Your baby needs variety and something to chew on during their painful teething phase. The nip cooling teething ring is ideal for this. The teething ring is pollutant-free, gives your baby a wide range of things to try out and its long biting elements are designed to reach their aching back teeth. Popping it in the fridge makes the teething ring pleasantly cool, whilst the different surface textures are fun for your baby and take their mind off their aching teeth and jaws. The nip cooling teething ring is for babies aged 3 months and over and is of course BPA-free. More about the cooling teething ring