„Sterilizer, Steamer, Warmer"

  • Sterilizes up to 6 bottles and accessories with steam in approx. 9 minutes
  • The steam sterilizer switches off automatically once sterilization is complete
  • Overheating cutout for safe use (turns off without water)
  • Separate container for accessories
  • Optical signal function during the heating process
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe (excluding the base with heating element)
  • Body is made of PP


Additional functions:

  • Sensitive steaming of eggs, vegetables, meat and fish for fresh baby food daily
  • Warming of baby food jars

User guide to read

Product video



Sterilizing of bottle and accessories.


Steaming of food.


Warming of bottles and baby food jars.


1. Cover with opening parts for heating function 




2. Container for up to 6 bottles. Useable for all bottles



3. Heating element with safety plug and master switch on the  backside



4. Container for accessories like teats, soother, teething man, …







5. Measuring beaker and gripping fongs