Frequently asked questions to heat pad Bellywell

What is the heat pad used for?

The heat pad helps to ease the pain of infant colic and wind. Lavender oil stimulates the circulation and encourages blood flow, thus having an antispasmodic and relaxing effect. It has particularly proved its worth in the treatment of sleep disorders.


What material is the pad made from?

The heat pad is filled with moor gel, which is made up of natural moor, water, a preservative, a thickener and a small amount of purely natural lavender oil. The gel also contains Bitrex, a non-toxic bittering agent that stops baby from swallowing the filling if the pad becomes damaged. The pad itself is made from phthalate-free PVC and a viscose cover makes it lovely and soft to the touch. The surface is saliva and sweat-proof.


How can the pad be heated?

The pad is designed to be heated in the microwave. If you do not have a microwave, you can use a hand-hot radiator or tile stove instead. Please note that this may extend the time required to heat the pad. The pad is not suitable for heating in the oven, under the grill or in hot water.


How hot does the pad get? How long does it stay warm?

The temperature of the pad will depend on the heating time and the power rating of your microwave. The instructions for use specify a microwave heating time of 30 seconds at a maximum of 600 watts (60 seconds at a maximum of 300 watts; 20 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts), which will heat the pad up to around 42°C. Higher temperatures should be avoided in order to prevent burning or irritation to baby’s sensitive skin. How long the pad remains warm depends on how it is used. Under the bedcovers or in a baby sleeping bag, the pad will stay warm for about an hour, which is almost twice as long as a conventional cherry pit pillow!


What happens if the heating temperature used is too high or if the pad is heated for too long?

Overheating can cause damage to the pad. It is therefore essential that you adhere to the heating time specified in the instructions for use. Damaged heat pads must not be used any longer and can be disposed of along with normal household waste.
If you use the pad when it is too hot, it may burn or irritate the skin. Before using the pad, check its temperature by placing it carefully on the inside of your forearm. If the pad is too hot, allow it too cool down a little before use.


Does the consistency of the filling change during heating?

When the moor gel is heated it becomes less viscous than when it is cold, thus making the heat pad flexible and cuddly.


What happens to the fragrance as the pad heats up?

It is possible that, as the pad heats up, its fragrance will become stronger or will be perceived as such. However, the concentration of lavender oil is very low, so there is no chance of an overpowering, irritating smell developing.


What should I do if the pad bursts and the filling runs out?

In normal circumstances, the pad will only become damaged through overheating. This will cause the pad to inflate and the resulting internal pressure may lead to a tear, through which the moor gel will run out. However, it will not cause the pad to burst or the filling to spurt out. The moor gel consists of non-toxic ingredients. If it should get onto clothing and/or skin, remove the item of clothing and wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water. If the gel comes into contact with eyes, remove any contact lenses and, holding the eyelid open, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. The moor gel contains the bittering agent Bitrex, which gives it a very unpleasant taste and is designed to prevent the gel from being swallowed. However, if your child does accidentally swallow a small amount of moor gel, thoroughly rinse his or her mouth out with water straightaway, then give the child plenty of water to drink (in small sips). If a large amount of moor gel is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.


Can the pad be cleaned in a washing machine?

The pad is not suitable for cleaning in a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave steriliser or in boiling water. Light soiling can easily be removed from the pad by placing it under running water or wiping it gently with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or detergents.

Will the heat pad last indefinitely?

Used correctly, the heat pad will have a life span of at least one year. Repeatedly heating the pad causes the water in the filling to evaporate which, over time, can make the moor gel more solid and less flexible. The fragrance lasts as long as the pad. Over time it too may evaporate and, as a result, lose its intensity.

Can irritation occur if the pad is applied directly to the skin?

If the pad is used when it is too hot, it may burn or irritate baby’s skin. Therefore, please observe the instructions for use and do not exceed the temperature of 42°C which has been specified for babies. Before using the pad, check its temperature by placing it carefully on the inside of your forearm too.


Will the fragrance have any effect on my baby?

Only purely natural lavender oil is used in the heat pad, at a low concentration. This oil is free of coumarin and safe for babies. It is known for its relaxing, pain-relieving properties and also for promoting sleep.

What is so special about purely natural lavender oil?

Natural or purely natural oils are extracted directly from plants and consist of 100% natural ingredients. In contrast, synthetic oils are not totally pure and contain additives, the health effects of which are still somewhat disputed. These additives also change the natural composition of the oil.

Is the pad available with other fragrances?

“Bellywell” is only available in the lavender fragrance, as lavender is known for its relaxing, pain-relieving properties and also for promoting sleep.

What colours is “Bellywell” available in?

The pad is available in one colour: Purple.