Frequently asked questions to Cool Twister

Why is it so important to hit the right temperature?

Baby food manufacturers explicitly point out the recommended temperature for mixing their baby food to ensure that the food dissolves without lumps while preserving the vitamins and nutrients contained in the food. This temperature can vary and is usually between 40°C and 70°C.


Why has the water been cooled down too much?

Did you fill the measuring cup up to the mark with boiling water? The measuring cup must always be completely filled so that the water is cooled to the required temperature. If you don't fill the measuring cup properly, the water will cool down more than you need. If you don't need some of the cooled water, please pour this out of the bottle once it is cooled before you mix in the milk.


The water is suddenly too cold when it runs out of the spiral or it runs more slowly than before through the Cool Twister. Why does that happen?

Have you filled the measuring cup with boiling water up to the all-round ribbed mark? The measuring cup must always be completely filled so that the water is cooled to the desired temperature. If you do not fill the measuring cup completely, the water cools down more than desired. If you do not need some of the cooled water, please pour it out of the bottle after it has cooled down before you mix the milk formula. Another possibility is that lime scale particles from the kettle hinder the flow of boiling water through the spiral. In this case we recommend decalcifying the Cool Twister and blowing vigorously into the lower opening of the Cool Twister. This will loosen stuck lime scale particles.

How can I extend the service life of the product, e.g. if the tap water where I live is very hard?

If the tap water in your area is very hard, we recommend that you use still mineral water for the cooling water instead. This will cause less damage to the product when it stays for a long time in the Cool Twister.


How can I use the Cool Twister on the go?

The Cool Twister can be used on the go without having been stored in the fridge before by pouring cold water from the tap (e.g. in a restaurant or at a friend's house).


Is it possible to cool tea with the Cool Twister?

Yes, it is also suitable for quick cooling tea. Prepare tea according to the instructions on the package. At the end of the specified brewing time, pour half of the tea into the measuring cup. If necessary, add milk or sugar to the rest of tea in the teacup. Screw the Cool Twister onto the measure cup and the hot tea will run through the Cool Twister into your teacup - done. The Cool Twister should not then longer be used for cooling bottle water as otherwise tea residues could get into the baby food.