Eat Green Cutlery new

Cutlery made from renewable raw materials

  • Spoon and fork made from > 94% renewable raw materials 
  • For independent learning to eat
  • Extra flat spoon bowl allows complete emptying of the spoon bowl with the small mouth
  • Pleasant ergonomic shape for small children's hands
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Child friendly design in natural colours
  • Packaging made of paper with > 90% recycled content
  • Recommended for toddlers from 9 months
  • 0% BPA, 0% PVC
  • Melamine free
  • Made in Germany

Product Features

Material and packaging

  • Cutlery made from > 94% renewable raw materials (sugar cane)
  • Packaging made from  > 90% recycled paper

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No dangerous ingredients

Our Green product line contains no dangerous ingredients as melamine, PVC or BPA