first moments My Butterfly

  •     Made from >94% renewable raw materials*.
  •     Tested by midwives**
  •     Particularly light and airy
  •     The soft, symmetrical teat is orthodontic and breastfeeding-friendly
  •     With innovative storage box, also suitable for sterilization

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Product features

Made from >94% renewable raw materials

The first moments My Butterfly is the first soother made from more than 94% renewable raw materials* with a silicone suction part

*soother shield and button are made from bio-based plastics with >94% renewable raw materials (sugar cane)

Tested by midwives

**In the testing 3/2021 the My Butterfly soother was tested by 50 independend midwives and reached a very good recommentation rate from 96%. Test result

Lz.-No. 1001650

Gentle to sensitive baby skin

**100% of the midwives rate the skin friendlyness as being "good" or "very good" - independent market research carried out among 50 midwives, Germany 2021

With practical sterilization box

A practical 2-compartment box is integrated in each My Butterfly sales package, which can be easily used for the transport and microwave sterilization of two soothers

Orthodontic teat

The symmetrical shape and the thin teat shaft make the My Butterfly particularly orthodontic

Produced from super soft silicone

The suction part of the My Butterfly soother is made from super soft silicone, which makes it very flexible

German Design Award winner

In 2022 our My Butterfly received the German Design Award for excellent product design

Soother sizes

The first moments My Butterfly soother is available in sizes 1 to 3.

Size 1

small, symmetrical suction part for babies from 0-6 months

Size 2

symmetrical teat for babies from 5-18 months with additional stabilizing waves in the teat

Size 3

symmetrical teat for infants from 16-32 months with additional stabilizing waves in the teat


... is a very durable, transparent plastic. The material is insensitive to light and heat, hygienic and easy to clean. It is slightly less resistant to traction and biting than latex

FAQ's about soothers

How long can you use nip® soothers and teats or how often should you replace them?

For both hygiene and safety reasons, you should replace the soother after one to two months of use. However, as a precaution, examine it before each use, especially if your child already has teeth. If you notice any signs of damage, such as bite marks or other defects, please throw it away immediately and replace it if necessary.

What is the difference between latex and silicone?

Latex is an amber-colored natural substance and is obtained as a milky sap from the rubber tree. It is characterized by its special resilience, elasticity and extreme tensile and tear strength. Latex does not become statically charged and therefore does not attract dust or lint. Silicone, on the other hand, is a transparent plastic. It is more durable than latex and undergoes less visual change over the application period. However, it is less bite resistant, so latex is preferable for children who tend to bite hard on the absorbent part.

Why do the age specifications for nip® soothers overlap?

The age specifications for nip® soothers deliberately overlap to help you make the right soother choice. Not every baby grows at the same rate, so it doesn't always make sense to switch to the next soother size exactly after 6 or 18 months. If, for example, your baby is already relatively large for his age at 5 months, you can switch to a size 2 soother without hesitation.


When I use a soother, should I be afraid that my child might swallow it?

Don't worry, your child can NOT swallow the nip® soother! It can be placed completely in the mouth, but its shape makes swallowing impossible. However, if your child does put the soother completely in his or her mouth, please remain calm. The many ventilation holes allow your baby to continue breathing, so there is no need to panic. In this case, remove the soother from your child's mouth carefully and as gently as possible.

At what age should I wean my child off the soother?

There is no hard and fast rule for when you should start weaning your child off their soother. However, most children usually give up using a soother by age 3 and very few children continue to use it until age 5. If your child is unable to separate from his or her soother or finds it very difficult to do so, it is best to wean him or her gradually until the age of 36 months. 

Perfection from passion

For the exciting and loving time after birth, we have developed a range that makes the start into the new life easier for you and your baby and at the same time provides well-being and joy.

Already in its 4th generation and for 90 years, nip has been supporting babies and parents with understanding and experience. Our unique first moments range has been specially developed to support you in the first moments together. For a carefree start. From the very beginning.

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Easy microwave sterilization

In just a few steps, the My Butterfly soother can be sterilized in the microwave in the practical 2-compartment box.

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