Baby food warmer

„Reliably warms bottles and jars"

  • Suitable for all nip standard and wide-neck bottles
  • Keeping-warm function (water bath)
  • Easy handling due to single-button operation
  • Switches off automatically when termostat temperature is reached
  • Overheating cutout for safe use (turns off without water)
  • Optical signal function during the heating process
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe (excluding the base with heating element)
  • Body is made of PP


Additional functions:

  • In the additionally container you can also sterilize with steam soothers and accessoires or warming up baby food

   User guide to read



Product video



                            1. Cover 




                            2. Tray for warming of fresh baby food




                            3. Baby bottle warmer with safety plug

                                (Bottle warming 38°C - 42°C)