Our nip Family - This is us!

Carla & Christian Brunner, Hannes Vogl company owners

As parents and company owners, we are convinced that a familiar and trustful working atmosphere contributes to the production of products of the highest quality. We are very proud to be able to produce baby articles "Made in Germany" together with our employees of many years.

Marlene, Internal Sales Team

"I thought nip was great before I even started here: My daughter Hanna just took the nip soothers.

Meanwhile she is out of her soothers age, but I still think nip is great. "

Nurihat, Assembling

"I work with nip since 1986! It's crazy how time passes when you have fun at work.

For my two sons it was always a highlight when I brought home soothers that I had just mounted. "

Jürgen, Machine construction

"For my three children I am the biggest, because together with my colleagues I build the machines which are needed for the assembly of soothers & Co.

In addition, my family can look back on a very long nip tradition: "My grandmother worked for nip at home as early as 1954".

Daniel, Injection molding

"What can I say: As a quadruple daddy I feel very much in good hands with nip.

Here, products are actually made by families for families! "I'm allowed to inject the essential components here. "

Jana, Product Management & Marketing

"I started as an trainee at nip, gained experience in every department and finally ended up in product management and marketing.

Here you can and must be very creative, that is my passion. And my grandma has already worked for nip!"

Gisela, Packaging

"As a double mother, you never somehow lose touch with soothers & co.

And the passion for the products with the birth of my granddaughter has grown stronger again. "

Andreas, Sales & Logistics

"As the father of three children, including twins, I know exactly how sensitive you are when choosing baby articles and how grateful you are for really useful products!

I'm proud to work for a brand that does just that!"