We celebrate! 85 years success story


We are celebrating! 85 Success Story of 1932-2017. As Germany's oldest soother manufacturer, we have earned the trust of our customers through our high quality standards over the past 85 years. Today, young families in over 45 countries benefit from our decades of experience to provide the perfect start to life with nip products. We are very proud of this!

1932-2017 We are the oldest soother manufacturer in Germany


Quality, family and tradition have been the three most important components of the family business since its founding. In 2016, the family history is to form the new brand story. The idea of ??"families for families" -nip is family and family is always reliable. The new corporate identity should attract positive attention from the end consumers and arouse feelings! The packaging concept plays an important role again and is transformed into round contours and a harmonious color scheme of feminine pink shades, headed by the target group woman. The family idea can be found at all touchpoints, a new image video provides transparency and provides a look behind the scenes of the company, the owner family and his employees. The brand's website is being redesigned and presenting the new CI.

Brand Relaunch 2016



After a long development work, nip 2014 presents its new generation of soothers with a modern design and thus replaces a piece of history, the classic pacifier shield.

nip presents its new generation of soothers


In 2014, Hannes Vogl joins the management and takes over the management of the technical department. With Carla Brunner and Hannes Vogl, the 4th generation of owners takes over the management of the family business.



2014 Hannes Vogl joins the management



Beside celebrating its 80th anniversary Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel is having its premiere on facebook. An own fanpage for the brand nip serves as a platform for direct communication between the company and its customers.

Premiere on facebook for the 80th anniversary


In 2010, it will be time for a new brand image. The classic green, blue and pink are replaced by a modern color scheme in warm magenta and orange tones. The new look stands for consistency and now provides a clear picture at the point of sale.


Brand Relaunch 2010



Carla Brunner, born Vogl, daugther of Knut and Regina Vogl joins the traditional company. Consequently Nürnberg Gummi is continued by the 4th generation.

Traditional company continued by the 4th generation


In 2016 the bestseller Cool Twister received the Innovation Award at Kind & Jugend trade fair in cologne.

To take account of the great enthusiasm for innovation and the high commitment of the baby and children's equipment industry, the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards for particularly outstanding product developments will be presented to the Kind & Jugend on the first day of the fair. The winner's seal in the 8 award categories is now regarded as an important quality criterion and sales argument in international trade.

The Cool Twister receives the Innovation Award


Bayerns Best 50! In 2004, Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel has been honored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for its economic growth rate.

Bayerns Best 50!

Brand Relaunch for the 70th anniversary


To create more space for new facilities and additional capacities, the company moves to the newly established industrial area in Georgensgmünd, approx. 30 km south of Nuremberg.

More space for new facilities and additional capacities


The company celebrates its 50th anniversary


Regina Vogl, born Hartmann, and her husband Knut, are the third generation to take the helm. Production lines are modernized and the core competence in soothers is strengthened step by step.

Regina Vogel, born Hartmann, and her husband Knut take over the company


By purchasing the traditional brand nip from the rubber thread factory in Cologne, Günter Hartmann lays the foundation for further business development.

Purchasing the traditional brand nip



Fire! The majority of the production machinery is destroyed by fire. However, the tireless efforts of several volunteer fire brigades from the Roth district ensure that the building itself does not burn down.

Production machinery is destroyed by fire


As the first business in the district of Roth, Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel is awarded a work permit by the American occupiers at the end of the war because the company is not politically involved

Awarded a work permit by the American


The company prospers until 1939 and is run as a small operation until the end of the war.

Hard times with small operation during the war years


The company premises in Nürnberg-Reichelsdorf are rapidly becoming too small. In 1937, the company moves to Rednitzhembach, just a few miles away.

The company is growing, move to Rednitzhembach


To close the gap between business partners in the toy and doll trade, the Hartmanns move to Nuremberg. The company Nürnberg Gummi E. Hartmann KG is founded.

The company Nürnberg Gummi E. Hartmann KG is founded


Son Günter Hartmann becomes employee of the company and takes over the company later on.

Günter Hartmann – later company manager

Founding Hatu Gummiwerke Hartmann & Tuphorn GmbH in Erfurt